Dionysus Dreams - Electronic Dance Music Producer EDM News Dionysus - Official news and announcements http://dionysusdreams.com Dionysus Finally Reveals Himself http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Dionysus-Finally-Reveals-Himself In an unexpected move, the mysterious electronic dance music artist Dionysus reveals himself. Until now, no official photos have been released of Dionysus. Dionysus has been keeping a secret... Dionysus Remix Album 'DREAMIX VOLUME 1' http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Dionysus-Remix-Album-DREAMIX-VOLUME-1 With his 3rd full length album in less than 2 years, Dionysus takes the EDM scene by storm! Electronic Dance Music for 2014 http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Electronic-Dance-Music-for-2014 Dionysus is planning some big things for the new year. 2014 will be epic! EDM Fans Rally On Soundcloud http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/EDM-Fans-Rally-On-Soundcloud In celebration of zooming past 1000 followers on Soundcloud, Dionysus posts Cherry Blossom ... Dare To Dream - New EDM Album http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Dare-To-Dream--New-EDM-Album Dionysus releases a new dance music album... EDM Blog Features Dionysus http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/EDM-Blog-Features-Dionysus Dirty Rave Shoes covers news about Dionysus... EDM Producer Class Successful http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/EDM-Producer-Class-Successful The Spring 2013 Aspiring Electronic Dance Music Producer class was a tremendous success! Teaching Classes http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Teaching-Classes Dionysus Announces Aspiring Producer Apprentice Program Epic Party in Maui http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Epic-Party-in-Maui Dionysus premieres new music at Hawaii Festival Time to get vocal? http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/Time-to-get-vocal There is a new microphone in the studio... New Studio Ready To Rock http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/New-Studio-Ready-To-Rock Set up and inspired, Dionysus prepares for a music making binge... The New Studio... http://dionysusdreams.com/newspage/The-New-Studio Dionysus has plans for a new music making setup to kick off 2012.