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Topics Allowed:

  • EDM Artists Interviews, Features, and Song Reviews
  • EDM Production Techniques / Best Practices (tips and tricks, how-to’s, etc…)
  • EDM Production Hardware Reviews (mixers, sound cards, etc)
  • EDM Product Reviews (keyboards, synthesizers, midi instruments, etc…)

Our Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Your article must be relevant to Electronic Dance Music. Absolutely No Exceptions!
  • Your article must be unique and it must NOT be published anywhere else on the web.
  • There can be two in content links max per article.
  • All external content links must be related to Electronic Dance Music. No Exceptions!
  • You can place links to the images in your article and you must provide the source for these (even if the source is yourself) images. If no source is provided or an image is not appropriate for our readers, we will use our own images.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles, titles, headings, etc, where we see fit before posting.

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Genres of EDM:

  • Drum and Bass
  • Liquid Drum and Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Hardstep
  • Jump-up
  • Techstep
  • Chillstep
  • Drumstep
  • Neurofunk
  • Sambass
  • Bubstep
  • Brostep
  • Hardcore
  • Happy hardcore
  • Gabber
  • Industrial
  • Trance
  • Psychedelic Trance
  • UK Garage
  • IDM
  • Jungle
  • Progressive Breaks
  • Rave Breaks
  • Booty Bass
  • Goa Trance
  • Euro-Drum and Bass
  • Hard Drum and Bass
  • Hardstyle
  • Minimal Drum and Bass
  • Gabber Drum and Bass
  • Breakcore
  • Broken beat
  • Trip Hop
  • Folktronica
  • Glitch
  • Speed Garage
  • Breakstep
  • 2-step
  • Grime
  • UK Funky
  • Downtempo
  • Chillout
  • Nu Jazz
  • Drum and Bass
  • Down Beat
  • Acid Drum and Bass
  • Hard Drum and Bass
  • Funky Drum and Bass
  • Deep Drum and Bass
  • Tribal Drum and Bass
  • Hip Drum and Bass
  • Tech Drum and Bass
  • Techstep
  • Hardstep
  • Jump-up
  • Intelligent DNB
  • Atmospheric DNB
  • Liquid Funk
  • Sambass
  • Drumfunk
  • Neurofunk
  • Ragga Jungle
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