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  • Police Fed Up With Drug Use at Rainbow Serpent Festival
    Rainbow Serpent has wrapped up for another year, and despite the good times that ensued, local authorities are enjoying pointing the finger at the reoccurring topic of drug use.Victoria Police took to Facebook earlier today, with an article captioned "Serpent set to be tamed" where they expressed their concerns with the event after making 4 arrests for drug trafficking, as well as 40 cautions to drivers who tested positive for drugs.In their article, Inspector Bruce Thomas stated “every year we see the event take place, every year we raise our concerns and every year we are left picking up the pieces”. An interesting comment, however for a festival spanning up to 6 days with over 16,000 attendees, a total of four arrests doesn't seem to be to many pieces they're picking up, does it?Well the people of Facebook don't seem to think so, with the original post from Victoria Police attracting some quite aggravated comments against the article.Comments include:Owen Hall: 40 out of 16,000 attending that's 0.0025 of the attending population and they were positive on trace amounts this does not mean they were actually affected by drugs whilst driving, it would be the same as someone showing up as .01 BAC. The police scare tactics and targeting of people is absolutely ridiculous and only leads to further negative outcomes, frankly the police costs of this operation could have been much better spent on educating the police.Jack Sampson: and Victoria police regarding this -" It was a miracle that no one was killed on our roads given the number of drug drivers departing from the festival. If police didn’t intervene, these drug drivers could have easily killed someone’s child, brother, sister or parent. " You do know that you don't even test for drug impairment on our roads only traces of drugs, so those drivers were as dangerous as you were driving to work that day.Akubra Leone Wyonda: Last year a video surfaced of a police

  • Rainbow Serpent Music and Arts Festival 2017 reveller dies
    The man died about 10.15pm at the ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL which is held on farmland near ... Police issued a damning review of the festival in 2016 after 40 drivers were caught under the influence of drugs when leaving the festival and ...

  • Seth Troxler cooks for the homeless during ADE
    Words by Zoe WalkerAs you may already be aware, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), maybe the biggest ELECTRONIC MUSIC vent in the world, is on next weekend and we all wish we were going. The festival is one of the biggest of its kind, pulling in around 350,000 people for five days of clubbing and DANCE MUSIC On the first day of the festival, beloved TECHNO DJ

  • BIGSOUND Reveals Final LineUp And Its Massive
    Brisbane's massive Winter shin-dig BIGSOUND has revealed the final names in the whopping line-up for 2016.Among the 63 additions are a few very impressive ELECTRO ic acts such as Tkay Maidza, KÛCKA, Japanese Wallpaper, LUCIANBLOMKAMP and Rainbow Chan to name a few, adding up to a whopping 150 acts in total.Not a small affair!BIGSOUND kicks off on September 7 and stretches until the 9th, with a serious array of MUSIC l stimuli and speakers on offer. You might even learn a thing or two!The full line-up is posted below. You can grab tickets here.New additions to line-up: gif (SGP)100%A.B. OriginalAlice NightAnatoleBabaganoujBUOYCeresCleaCLEOPOLDCOMMAND QCORINDaniel ChampagneDorsal FinsDZ DeathraysEcca VandalEmpat LimaForeign/NationalFortunesGawurraHarmony JamesHartsHollow WorldI Heart HiroshimaIn Each Hand A Cutlass (SGP)iNCH (SGP)Japanese WallpaperKira PuruKUČKAKyle LionhartLeanne TennantLUCIANBLOMKAMPMallratManorMel Parsons (NZ)Mid AyrMike NogaMissy LancasterMoretonPolish ClubPON CHORainbow ChanREBEL YELLRyan DowneySanzuSimona CastricumSUIIXTeeth TonguethandoThe BelligerentsThe Gooch Palms (USA)The LaurelsThe RuminatersTracy McNeil The GoodLifeTia GostelowTkay MaidzaVera BlueVerge CollectionWet LipsWilliam CrightonWishesWoodesYumi Zouma (NZ)Already announced: 30/70A.D.K.O.BAinslie WillsAlex LaheyAlice IvyAllan SmithyAndrew TuttleAustraliaB WiseBANFFBec SandridgeBELBirdzBraille FaceBroadway SoundsChronolythCirclesClairy BrowneCoda ConductColumbusConfidence ManDENFaitFascinatorFazerdaze (NZ)FERLAFLOWERTRUCKFOREVRFountaineerFracturesGabriella CohenGideon BensenGLGood BoyGregorGroeni (NZ)HABITSHeads of CharmHideous Sun DemonHot SpokeHuntlyIvan OozeJack GraceJakubiJarrowKing SocialLANKSLASTLINGSLeah SeniorLoose ToothLuke Daniel PeacockMere WomenMiddle KidsMosquito CoastMOSSYNAATIONS (US)NakedOh Pep!OlympiaOWEN RABBITPrateek Kuhad (India)PYNESRaised by EaglesRat CoRibongiaRolling Blackouts Coastal FeverRolls BayceSampa

  • Hype Williams Rainbow Edition – fractious dub collage
    (Big Dada)Following excellent solo projects, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland return to their duo Hype Williams, whose cut-up dub songcraft has been one of the most compelling voices in the European underground this decade. Or do they? Their label’s site says they’re no longer involved, but the pair are known for their inveterate fibbing. Either way, there’s none of Blunt’s deadpan chat and only a couple of (possibly Copeland-delivered) female vocals, a shame as some of the tracks are pleasingly punchdrunk trip-hop instrumentals that cry out for a top line, however meandering. Related: Hype Williams: do they ever speak the truth? Continue reading...

  • Volumes share 2016 lineup including Mall Grab Rainbow Chan and Dro Carey
    After a successful first year, Volumes Festival is returning and - as they say - coming back bigger and better.The music and arts festival killed it in 2015 with a stellar local line-up that portrayed the sheer finesse of our homegrown ARTIST , and now heading into their second instalment, Volumes plans to do it all again.Gracing the stages this year will be the likes of Mall Grab - who has sawn to global recognition in a drastically short amount of time - Dro Carey, Rainbow Chan and Cliques among many others who will be showcasing their MUSIC l finesse over the space of two days in August.Speaking with THUMP on their changes this year, Volumes' Director James Spink says "In 2016 we have decided to wind things up a bit. We've expanded to two days and added another VENUE The

  • Artists Breaking Boundaries in 2017 according to Andy Garvey
    Andy Garvey - renowned DJ and the face behind triple j's Mix Up Exclusives - is one of the many names on the bill for the forthcoming 'Women In Electronic Music' showcase/masterclass that kicks off next week.The 24-year-old Sydney local has built up a reputation for her switched on knowledge of up-and-coming ARTIST in the ELECTRONIC MUSIC pectrum, so with the masterclasses coming up we decided to catch up with Andy and see which ARTIST

  • Watch Natalie Prass video for Bird of Prey
    The Nashville MUSIC an’s latest single now comes with rainbow-coloured visuals. Take a look and let us know what you think It’s tough being a spurned lover. But in the case of Natalie Prass, heartache is but a creative trigger for making mellifluous, country-soul ballads. On Bird of Prey, the latest single from her self-titled record, the Nashville singer’s story of cruel and claustrophobic love is lifted by the Spacebomb team’s sweet and sophisticated arrangements. The track now also comes with a video, premiered below, which proves that heartache doesn’t have to be a monochrome misery: it can also be a parade of fans, umbrellas and rainbow coloured blinds. Like an Ikea catalogue, but with no assembly required. Continue reading...

  • First Listen Tobacco Sweatbox Dynasty
    In his latest solo project, the frontman of Pittsburgh psychedelic band Black Moth Super Rainbow revels in all things synthetic.

  • The Black Lips Play Raucous Bar Blues on Justice After All
    When SPIN visited the Black Lips in the studio to discuss their March 18 album Underneath THE RAINBOW Jared Swilley refuted a misconception about the Atlanta GARAGE punk crew: "People say, 'Oh, they must do tons of acid all day...

    Having hosted FACE for the last six years, The Rainbow Venues are gearing up to throw their final ever edition of the forward-thinking party.Featuring their biggest line up to date (along with a very special guest TBA), they’re putting on a 12-hour RAVE for their final blowout. Saturday, 24th October is to host a mammoth pack of DJs including Jamie Jones, Cassy, Clive Henry, Hector and more.   Over The Rainbow Warehouse, the heated Terrace and recently-built Blackbox, the party will be running from 6pm through to 6am.The weekly Saturday night party has been credited with revitalising the local Birmingham MUSIC scene and shaping the clubbing landscape, and are now sadly closing their doors for good.”We're extremely proud of everything that we have achieved over the years and we have some incredible memories which will stay with us forever," said the FACE team."We want to thank everybody who has ever supported us in making FACE one of the country’s most successful weekly events. It's been awesome and so have you!”More information on the event can be found here. Media: 19252_1_review-faces-fourth-birthday-saturday-19th-october-rainbow-venues_ban.jpgFACEthe rainbow VENUE BirminghamAfter

  • Eriel Indigo releases new rainbow flavored track “Rebels”
    Eriel Indigo is everything ELECTRO with sparkling synths that descend over passionate beats into a rebellious rainbow. And thats what the song Rebels is all about, rebelling against the darkness into a world of colors, as she sings, Bang it like a bonfire. Rebels is off of her debut EP ELEVATE, which is slated to drop on [] The post Eriel Indigo releases new rainbow flavored track Rebels appeared first on EARMILK.

  • Nanobii – Rainbow Road A Must Listen
    Listen here: Nanobii Rainbow Road (A Must Listen!)A new ARTIST going by Nanobii is about to explode into the EDM scene with this monster track Rainbow Road. It definitely bring back memories of playing everybodys favorite level in Mario Cart 64. With only 3 songs on SoundCloud, the ARTIST who claims to make happy RAVE music

  • Alex Niggemann Shares New Mix For Melbournes Balance Series
    Not only will it be physically heating up down in Melbourne, but also in a MUSIC l sense. Camping and single day festivals have announced one of the finest summer lineups that the Australian ELECTRONIC MUSIC cene has ever seen. Festival’s such as Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent, Pitch, Babylon and Let Them Eat Cake (LTEC) are really trying to turn things up all the way to 11. One such ARTIST

  • Rainbow Serpent Music and Arts Festival 2017 reveller dies
    The man died about 10.15pm at the ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL which is held on farmland near ... Police issued a damning review of the festival in 2016 after 40 drivers were caught under the influence of drugs when leaving the festival and ...

  • Christine and the Queens Chris review – the triumph of a slick character
    In her new guise as the lustful Chris, Héloïse Letissier harnesses 80s funk to grapple with gender and identity on her ambitious second albumMany of the best things in life are slippery. Sex is a viscous business, as is sweating it out on the dancefloor. Then there’s the fluidity of all of our individual sexualities. We juggle a diesel rainbow of personas and messy feelings: lust, depression, ambition, wilfulness, to pick just four explored on this long-awaited second album by Christine and the Queens.“I’m a man now,” declared Héloïse Letissier on iT, a track on her extraordinary debut album, Chaleur Humaine (2016), which sold more than 1m copies and introduced a thrilling new voice in pop. She sang in French and English and a peculiar, inflected hybrid of the two that served the rhythms of her songs more than strict sense. Madonna, one of Letissier’s idols, ended up copying her staging. Continue reading...

  • Soichi Terada Kuniyuki and Sauce81 to play live at Rainbow Disco Club
    DJ Masda & Eli Verveine, Sapphire Slows & MIIIA and Peanut Butter Wolf & MURO will also be paired up for the Japanese festival in April.

  • FBi Radio Launches National Northern Lights Competition
    Sydney's FBi Radio has just announced the launch of its first ever national competition to promote up-and-coming Australian artists in the international market. With the backing of the Australian Government, the station is taking one solo producer/artist and a band on an adventure to Iceland Airwaves Festival. The music festival held in Reykjavik in November is renowned for its impressive lineup and for showcasing some of the best music from around the world. In 2011 and 2012 FBi Radio took two Sydney-based solo producers to Iceland Airwaves and this year they are extending the invitation to artists right across Australia.  Previous winners of Northern Lights include Oliver Tank, who recently supported Lorde on her national Australian tour, and Rainbow Chan who featured in the epic ‘Since I Left You’ Vivid/Live show at Sydney Opera House. Northern Lights is open for entries from June 26 to July 21. To be eligible to apply you must be an emerging solo artist/producer or band and an Australian resident. To enter visit www.fbiradio.com/northernlights

  • Rainbow Disco Club may be the dance music scene’s pot of gold
    With new venues such as Contact and Sankeys opening their doors in Tokyo this spring, there is hope for a resurgence in the underground electronic music circuit in 2016. But with a glut of EDM mega-bashes, the festival scene for mature dance music fans can ...

  • Rock star Ronnie James Dio set for world tour – despite having died in 2010
    Former Rainbow and Black Sabbath singer is to front the Dio Disciples, making him the first holographic frontman to tour the world posthumouslyIn what appears to be a first for rock’n’roll, a dead artist is set to embark on a headlining world tour. Ronnie James Dio, the former Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio singer who died in 2010, is to embark on a worldwide trek in holographic form, fronting the Dio Disciples.Dio Disciples features former members of Dio, alongside three additional singers, but for part of the show Dio will front the band himself. The Dio hologram first performed at last year’s Wacken Open Air festival in Germany and made its US debut at the Pollstar Live! awards in Los Angeles. Continue reading...

  • Space Analog Synth band fans
    Ever since I watched Beyond the Black Rainbow I've been obsessing over long spacy drone-like synths. After over-induldging in Sinoia Caves (soundtrack for Beyond the Black Rainbow), I found Chrome Canyon. I'm also a fan of Com Truise, Miami Nights 1984, Kavinksy, but those artists are more retro-80's sounding. I'm looking for something more analog and slow-oscillating. Something in terms of Jean Michel Jarre, but less cheezy. submitted by yuribotcake [link] [5 comments]

  • Babe Rainbow to Launch Slow Release Singles Series in 2016
    While Babe Rainbow (a.k.a. electronic experimentalist Cameron Reed) had initially teased a new LP release in 2016, he's now opting to take his recently founded Slow Release imprint's title to heart. A series of solo singles will be issued throughout the year. Reed has so far confirmed that a new number titled "Now Is Not the Time" will be the first of his singles to drop in 2016, and it lands on January 15. Speaking with Exclaim!, Reed notes that, as the Slow Release name would imply, he's currently in the mood to offer up his music "slowly and in small doses." "The name Slow Release is a reference to the way that certain drugs are introduced into a system at a slower speed over a longer period of time," Reed explains. "Experiencing music often has the same slow, narcotic effect when a song slowly buries its way into your mind. You don't feel it happening immediately, especially with the brand of ambient electronic music I'm drawn to. It moves through your system and before you know it, it absorbs you." Though Reed didn't offer up the details in full, he suggests that an in-progress piece will follow up "Now Is Not the Time" sometime in the spring. While Babe Rainbow didn't issue any material in 2015, he delivered the Falling Apart and Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos albums in 2014. "Now Is Not the Time" will be the second effort for Slow Release, following electronic artist dd elle's u EP.  lt;a data-cke-saved-href="http://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-1-piano-2-pianos-more-pianos" href="http://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-1-piano-2-pianos-more-pianos"gt;"Music For 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, amp; More Pianos" by Babe Rainbowlt;/agt;

  • Babe Rainbow Cant Fly Away
    Cameron Reed has unveiled another tune as Babe Rainbow for his Slow Release imprint's ongoing monthly singles series. His latest cut is an ethereal digital piece called "(Can't) Fly Away." Despite the song title, the track is rather floaty, with the front section featuring a thick fog of ambient synth work. Whether intentional or not, Babe Rainbow seems to be celebrating the fact that it's Friday the 13th in the track via choppy air sounds that come across like Jason Voorhees' unsettling "ki ki ki ma ma ma" chant. The track eventually bustles up from its miasmic beginnings towards a chunky, almost '80s-style soundscape of vintage keyboards and Yello-meets-Falco drum machine manipulations. You can check out "(Can't) Fly Away" down below.

  • This Melbourne Party Crew Is Giving Back For A Good Cause
    Throwing parties is no easy feat (trust me, we know), but doing it all for charity makes things even harder.However,  Thick As Thieves  - a Melbourne based collective - have been throwing fundraising shin-digs for around 4 years now, and have just reached a massive milestone.Working with charity organisation Fred Hollows Foundation, Thick As Thieves have raised an amazing total of $250,000 from events with their partners at Revolver, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Summer Series among others.Proceeds from the door, a bar percentage, artist donations and personal donations from Thick As Thieves big dog Mike Toner have all made up this whopping amount; an amount that means 10,000 people will have their eyesight restored.Speaking on the effort, Mike says "It's only the start of the journey.""It's a milestone as it is now 10,000 peoples eyesight restored but hopefully that just raises more awareness so we can continue to raise more in a quicker time period.  Given we are so lucky to be working in the industry we do, and making a living out of it, I feel it is an obligation to give back.  My amazing team are incredibly supportive and they do most of the work in getting these events together."Mike went on to commend the crowd that comes to their events, saying "people love the fact that they can come to an event like this and have a great time, but also knowing that every person who walks in the door has effectively restored the eyesight of one person."

  • Electronic music that would appeal to a progressivepostatmospheric metal fan
    Electronic music isn't something I've heavily gotten into, but for some reason I feel there is niche genre within that I would like. The only ones I've actually gotten into were Plaid, I am robot and proud, Black moth super rainbow, and Mum. But those aren't really what I'm looking for. I'm trying to find something like this, but electronic. It's hard to explain what I want. Music that changes throughout the song, that has heavy/soft dynamics, and is rich with atmosphere. For metal fans reading this post here are some of the bands that I'm trying to find the electronic equivalent for: Isis Opeth Tesseract Intronaut Anciients Ne Obliviscaris Not sure if what I want exists but I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. submitted by Stabme [link] [6 comments]

  • Pokemon GO Meets EDM Music a Rainbow Trip
    Pokemon Go was released to mixed reviews. Reviewers praised the overall experience ... of causing accidents and being a public nuisance at some locations. Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a broad ...

  • Slut white power logos the Nword – can everything be reclaimed
    Rapper Tyler, the Creator has put rainbow-coloured white power logos on T-shirts and becomes another musician trying to reclaim hateful symbols and words [Warning: some of these terms are discussed explicitly in this piece]Words such as “slut” and “queer” have been vehicles for millions of hate-filled sentiments throughout history. For many musicians, the only way to beat them is to join them, reclaiming the words to negate their power: witness “queer” becoming a term of pride, and one now less likely to be spat than other homophobic slurs.The latest reclamation comes courtesy of Tyler, the Creator, the rapper from skateboarding, jazz-appreciating hip-hop crew Odd Future. For his newest bit of “Golf Wang” merch, he’s taken a white supremacist logo, designed it in rainbow colours, and then printed it on a T-shirt. To promote it, he and a white model were photographed holding hands wearing the shirts.I asked myself some questions: What if a black guy wore this logo on a shirt? Would he be promoting self hate? Would he be taking the power out of a shape? What if a gay guy wore this on a shirt? Would he [be] promoting homophobia? ... The thing that tops it off is the homoerotic tone of the hand holding, which to some degree HAS to piss off the guys who takes this logo serious. This made the photo even more important to me, because it was me playing with the idea of taking the power out of something so stupid. Or maybe my whole idea on this is stupid. Who knows, but why not try it out? Continue reading...

  • First Listen Tobacco Sweatbox Dynasty
    In his latest solo project, the frontman of Pittsburgh psychedelic band Black Moth Super Rainbow revels in all things synthetic.

    All you Leeds clubbers, listen up! Popular party promoter and podcast series Butter Side Up, will celebrate its fifth birthday on Friday 9th October at Leeds' favourite basement club, Wire.They've roped in Korean-born, Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Hunee to help blow out their candles — he'll be spinning all night from 11pm until 6am.It's not the first time Hunee has played for the Leeds-based crew, he's been booked every year since 2012. Hunee's recent album 'Hunch Music' (that dropped via Rush Hour back in June) also received rave reviews — don't miss the chance to see him spin in the flesh!Tickets to Butter Side Up's Fifth Birthday here.  Media: hunee-day-rainbow.jpgHuneebutter side upThe Leeds party series is throwing a birthday bash!Navigation Section:NewsSection Priority:Priority 1

    GODSKITCHEN LAUNCH MEKANIKAGodskitchen present state of the art new clubbing concept MEKANIKA Issue:536Trance gargantuans Godskitchen are close to launching its fourth concept night named MEKANIKA. Featuring state of the art projection mapping, it aims to turn a club space into 'a futuristic gate into another dimension where animations cascade and morph the structure into windows looking in on other worlds'. Naturally - with a catchline like that, this has perked our interests! The concept will make it’s international debut at Godskitchen TXXENTY on Saturday 27th September at The Rainbow Textile Factory, Birmingham before embarking on a worldwide tour. Paul van Dyk, Pure NRG and John 00 Fleming headline the UK event. Intrigued? Check out the video below: GodskitchenTrancePaul Van DykmekanikaA State of Trance

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