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  • Stream For Free Chus Ceballos Curate The Sound Of Summer For Stereo Productions’ Balearica
    Stream For Free: Chus Ceballos Curate The Sound Of Summer For Stereo Productions Balearica Click here for the Chus Ceballos channel on EDM America TV Chus Ceballos are just two guys from Madrid who have created a huge underground following with their signature Iberican Sound. They have residencies at some of the [...] The post Stream For Free: Chus Ceballos Curate The Sound Of Summer For Stereo Productions Balearica appeared first on EDM America TV. Related posts: Ferry Corsten Corstens Countdown 366 Download or listen On Demand Aly Fila Future Sound Of Egypt 348 Listen on demand or download for free with tracklist Sander van Doorn Identity 242 Incl Tony Junior Guestmix Listen on demand or download for free

  • MSter Balance – Free Bass Stereo Control VST Plugin
    via Bedroom Producers Blog: Ourafilmes has released M/Ster Balance, a freeware mixing utility in VST plugin format (32-bit Windows only) which can be used to control the STEREO width of the signal below the selected frequency threshold. M/Ster Balance is a rather simple plugin, but it comes with a very practical user interface which is suitable for quick and easy balancing [...] The post M/Ster Balance Free Bass Stereo Control VST Plugin appeared first on Bedroom Producers Blog.

  • Modulation multieffects what you need to know
    Read more about Modulation multi-effects: what you need to know at MusicRadar.com Do you want a phaser, a chorus or a flanger? How about one pedal that has them all? We give you the lowdown on the beast that is the multi-modulation pedal...Okay, what exactly is a modulation effect, anyway?Modulation effects are a broad group encompassing the likes of phaser, chorus, flanger, tremolo and vibrato pedals, plus other variations on the theme such as the rotary speaker, ring modulation, and STEREO panning.They are generally used to add MOTION and depth to your sound, whether that be the gently undulating throb of a tremolo, the 'jet taking off' swoosh of a flanger or the sense of multiple instruments often engendered by a chorus pedal.Broadly speaking, modulation is a term that describes the cyclical changing of a parameter used in some aspect of a pedal's operation.Different parameters are modulated in different effects - in tremolo, it's a periodic change in amplitude (volume), with vibrato it's a change in pitch, while chorus and flanging effects come from a modulated delay that's mixed back into the original signal.There's no room here to go into technical detail, but most modulation effects found in a pedal are likely to have knobs to alter the speed and the depth of the effect.Well, if I want a phaser why not buy a phaser?Sure, no problem, but what if you then decide you need a chorus pedal and then a flanger? Your pedalboard is going to start to get a bit unwieldy with more space taken up, more leads and more power supplies.It's also quite likely that you'll only want to use one modulation effect at a time, so it makes sense for many of us to have a single pedal that can take care of all of those different modulation sounds - and it's these types of 'multi-effects' pedals that are the focus of our six mini reviews.As many of the modulation effects are quite closely related and rely on a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) at the heart of the circuitry, it is possible

  • DA Premiere Stereo MCs feat Terranova – Deeper Riva Starr Mix
    A master at creating tension and drive, Starr methodically builds forward MOTION in the track that never relents, a swirl of hi-hats and an undulating bassline doing the heavy lifting as the vocals 'deeper, deeper, deeper' rattle onwards. The result is a no-nonsense re-focusing of the original groove, Starr priming the track for big plays on packed DANCEFLOOR .

  • GoldenEar’s Sandy Gross to Demo Triton One in NYC on Saturday
    Sandy Gross, audio innovator and founder of GoldenEar Technology, is making a rare appearance New York City's Stereo Exchange on Saturday.

  • Spinning in Style ProJect SpecialEdition Turntables
    Ive been a hard-core Beatles fan forwell, lets just say a very long time. So I was more than a little intrigued when I saw Pro-Jects Fab Four turntables (my name, not theirs) at the May press event unveiling Giles Martins STEREO remix of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The thought of a new Beatles record being played on a table that pays homage to the greatest band ever was compelling. Maybe its time to revisit my long-dormant vinyl collection...

  • How To Buy A Dope Vintage Stereo For Your House
    You probably have noticed that vinyl and cassettes are back in a big way. Some may say it's a fad but once you let your ears bathe in the warm analog sounds of some Massive Attack or Minimal Techno you will get why people are going nuts for Vintage or even new home STEREO systems. The guys at ...Continue reading

  • Chus and Ceballos – In Stereo Live from Miami – 24042016
    Chus The post Chus and Ceballos In Stereo Live from Miami 24-04-2016 appeared first on Mixing.DJ - Electronic Music Magazine.

  • Free PanENV VST Plugin Released By SaschArt
    via Bedroom Producers Blog: SaschArt has released PanENV, a freeware pan envelope VST plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows. PanENV is a multi-functional STEREO control utility, with several interesting tricks up its sleeve. Apart from the basic STEREO panning functionality (controlled using the Pan Offset knob), it also features a Pan Width knob, a side [...] The post Free PanENV VST Plugin Released By SaschArt appeared first on Bedroom Producers Blog.

  • Apple Uses Neglected Traktor DJ App In iPhone 7 Launch
    Traktor DJ, the neglected iOS DJ app from Native Instruments, got a great cameo in the iPhone 7 launch, being used in Tim Cook's keynote to demo the STEREO speaker system built into the forthcoming iPhone 7 and 7+ Plus phones. The post Apple Uses Neglected Traktor DJ App In iPhone 7 Launch appeared first on Digital DJ Tips. »

  • Marcel Dettmann Heads Out on North American MiniTour
    After taking on TECHNO haven Awakenings Festival this past weekend, Marcel Dettmann is headed overseas for a short North American stint. As Resident Advisor reports, the Berlin producer is scheduled for four dates in four days starting tonight (June 30), where he’s partaking in an Ostgut Ton showcase at Stereo Montreal with Function. Following that, Dettmann [] The post Marcel Dettmann Heads Out on North American Mini-Tour appeared first on Beatport Buzz.

  • Famous Audio launches Serious Electro Vol 3
    Famous Audio has released Serious Electro Vol 3, a sample pack featuring 594MB full of complextro and DUBSTEP influenced dirty basslines, huge sleazy synths, super STEREO chords leads, epic drums, crunchy vocal cuts, crazy effects and more… Serious Electro Vol 3 provides you with that current ELECTRO sound

  • Patchbanks releases Super Breaks sample pack
    Patchbanks has announced the release of Super Breaks, an all-original collection of vintage drum breaks for producers and beatmakers in search of the hottest new sounds available anywhere. Inside contains 75 mixed STEREO drum loops ... read more The post Patchbanks releases Super Breaks sample pack appeared first on rekkerd.org.

  • Haunted Houses – Hunters Bart B More Remix
    Dancing Astronaut - house, ELECTRO progressive, DUBSTEP When it comes to delivering heavy hitting ELECTRO HOUSE

  • Request Sound of Stereo Jack My Trombone Mightyfools Remix
    Please please please, anybody have a copy of full 320k? Been after this since 2011 :( submitted by peep_peep [link] [comment]

  • Essence HDACC DAC Headphone Amplifier
    Performance Features Ergonomics Value PRICE $699 AT A GLANCE Plus HDMI input for high-res music on Blu-ray Adjustable phone impedance and sampling rate Sounds good with different phones Minus None to speak of... THE VERDICT Essences HDACC bridges the gap between Blu-ray music content and legacy audio systems with an extremely adjustable and great-sounding DAC. The most unusual product in this roundup is the HDACC HD Audio Center from Essence Electrostatic, a company that also markets flat-diaphragm loudspeakers. Like the NAD, it qualifies as a headphone amp, DAC, and stereo preamp with TosLink, coax, and analog inputs. But its greater claim to fame is a pair of HDMI jacks, input and output, on the back panel.

  • Two Princes The Purple One Returns In Stereo
    Two new albums, a solo effort and a collaboration with the band 3RDEYEGIRL, mark Prince's return to the studio. Tom Moon says that only one fully captures what an explosive performer he can still be.

  • Renko Takes On Edward Maya Vika Jigulina’s “Stereo Love”
    Renko is back in our system and this time he decided to hit us with his very own vibeful rendition of Edward Maya Vika Jigulinas Stereo Love. He definitely nailed the summer vibes on this one giving us an overall sense of a warm atmosphere with an infectious chilled up energy. It also features [] The post Renko Takes On Edward Maya Vika Jigulinas Stereo Love appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

  • March Mania Markdown 2 Pan Knob plugin on sale for 1499 USD
    Boz Digital Labs has announced a sale on Pan Knob, offering a 70% discount on the panning effect plugin that keeps low frequencies in the center image while panning higher frequencies anywhere you choose in the stereo field. Pan Knob offers a balanced, harmonically and rhythmically interesting mix that doesnt favor the bass-heavy instruments. Along [] The post March Mania Markdown 2: Pan Knob plugin on sale for $14.99 USD appeared first on rekkerd.org.

  • ADSR Sounds intros Phat Stabs for Absynth
    ADSR Sounds has launched Phat Stabs, a collection of 28 Absynth presets by Talou Sound. This Preset pack contains 28 Phat Presets with one main goal; to go really insane and loud. In addition to that you get cool FX Presets, some Absynth Side Chain Presets and 50 stereo samples for your Absynth sample library. [] The post ADSR Sounds intros Phat Stabs for Absynth appeared first on rekkerd.org.

  • Blanck Mass review – intense voyage into inner space
    Stereo, GlasgowBenjamin John Power takes the crowd with him on a fantastic instrumental journey that thrums with a ceaseless cyborg pulseAs one half of Fuck Buttons, Benjamin John Power has helped bring clattering electronica to the mainstream. The memorably named duo were the unexpected aural highlight of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony megamix and a year later grazed the Top 40 with their third album Slow Focus. In his solo guise of Blanck Mass, Power assembles similarly dense and sculpted soundscapes, although his 2011 debut album consisted of atmospheric, mostly unmoored expeditions into cosmic ambience rather than sure-footed bangers.For this year’s follow-up, Dumb Flesh, the beats have landed like shock troops: kinetic, turbulent, often thrillingly aggressive. This intense, hour-long set thrums with a ceaseless cyborg pulse, anchoring the blitzkrieg of urgent, klaxon-like synth modulations and forcefully percussive loops. Continue reading...

  • Rob Papen set to release Blue II crossfusion plugin synth
    Read more about Rob Papen set to release Blue II 'cross-fusion' plugin synth at MusicRadar.com Today is most definitely a Blue Monday, for Rob Papen is set to release Blue II, the follow-up to his 2005 Blue 'cross-fusion' plugin synth.Featuring elements of FM, subtractive, phase distortion and waveshaping synthesis, Blue II offers six oscillators that can be connected together in a variety of ways, a pair of analogue-style modelled stereo filters, processing and modulation options, a sequencer and an arpeggiator.With a new range of waveforms, Blue II is said to be designed for creating "fresh-sounding" synth patches, and now features the XY pad from Papen's Blade instrument. This can be used for the likes of time-based sound movements and vector pad-style sounds.Other features include four FX processors, an Easy Edit page for speedy tweaking, and a Bank Manager for quickly navigating presets and sound banks.Available for Mac and PC in 32/64-bit VST, AU and AAX formats, we're assuming you'll be able to purchase Blue II from the Rob Papen website, though there's no 'buy now' option at the time of writing. Read more about Rob Papen set to release Blue II 'cross-fusion' plugin synth at MusicRadar.com

  • Audiority Deleight Review
    via Bedroom Producers Blog: Deleight, another awesome plugin from Italian developer Audiority, has exploded onto the scene, chiefly inspired by the Korg DL8000r rackmount module released in 1997 and discontinued by 1999. The DL8000r was a true stereo, eight voice multi-tap delay module with up to four taps per channel, a wide variety of modulation options and two separate [...] The post Audiority Deleight Review appeared first on Bedroom Producers Blog.

    Stems are the latest bit of tech designed to change the way DJs and producers play live. But there's been some divided opinion as to how their use is going to pan out. DJ Mag contacted two DJ/producers with opposing views to tell us what they think about stems...Stems are basically the parts of a track broken down into different elements. Unlike regular stereo files, Stems contain four music components alongside a stereo master. Just like a four-track recording, drums, synths, vocals and bass elements play on different tracks. Proponents of Stems point to the ability to isolate individual sounds without EQ bringing a studio aesthetic to DJing. Artists like Uner, Nic Fanciulli and Carl Craig are already adopting the format for their shows. While Stems advance the ability to remix live, their innovation also brings concerns over the ease of sampling. But in a clever move, makers Native Instruments have made the format open, meaning other manufacturers could adopt it in the near future...FOR STEMS: UNER“Ever since I started DJing, I wanted to be able to play with the different elements of a track. I remember wanting to have just the vocals of one track and mixing it with the drums of another. Now this is easy thanks to Stems.“For DJs, Stems really open the doors to new creative possibilities. And if you make your own tracks, you can play them in front of a crowd with the same level of control as in the studio. This makes things interesting not only for the artist, but also for the people who are listening. With Stems, a DJ set can easily become a live set, or not. Depends on how you choose to play with them.“Stems also represent new opportunities for music producers. Because Stems is a new format, you can get your music noticed more easily. If someone makes a house track and releases it in Stems format, that track won’t be competing with several thousand other house tracks. This is a big opportunity to be visible. Also, I think Stems can generate more income because some

  • Sample Magic Boost
    Producers and technically-minded musicians of all stripes love to obsess over master buss processing. Combinations of compressors, stereo imagers, saturators, l..

  • All the stages sweeps tones Softube launches Fix Phaser effect plugin
    Softube has announced the release of Fix Phaser, a new phaser effect plugin for Windows and Mac, developed in collaboration with Paul Wolff. Fix Phaser offers classic deep phasing effects for instruments, a chasing stereo mode for rotating effects, a wide mode that converts mono to convincing stereo sound, and vibrato type effects when used []

    WATCH BOSES FATBOY SLIM DOCUMENTARY Win a pair of headphones! Issue:540In a similar vein to our Gamechanger video about 'Praise You', hi-end stereo makers Bose have made a documentary about 'The Rockafeller Slank'. Part of a campaign entitled #listenforyourself that's enlisted The Hives and Bloc Party so far, 'Episode 3' celebrates Norman Cook's massive hit which sold six million copies in 1998. Offering an insight into the Brightonian's personal life and recording practices at home, the documentary also paints a picture of a buzzing club scene at a time when dance music was exploding and big beat ruled the charts. As well as a premiere showing of the film, we've also got a pair of Bose headphones to give away to one lucky reader. Watch it below and send the word BOSE to competition@djmag.com for a chance to win... Fatboy SlimGamechangerBOSEThe Rockafeller Skank

  • Panipulator – Freeware Pan Control VST Plugin By Boz Digital Labs WinMac
    via Bedroom Producers Blog:Boz Digital Labs has released Panipulator 2.0, a freeware VST/AU plugin utility designed for testing the mono compatibility of an audio project on different stereo setups. We are proud to announce a new free plugin called Panipulator 2.0. The simplest way to check your mix for mono compatibility on different systems. Panipulator 2.0 is designed as a simple []The post Panipulator Freeware Pan Control VST Plugin By Boz Digital Labs (Win/Mac) appeared first on Bedroom Producers Blog.

  • SaschArt Releases FREE TwinPhaser VSTAU Plugin
    SaschArt has released TwinPhaser, a freeware dual phaser effect in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible DAW software on PC and Mac. TwinPhaser is a stereo phaser effect with two separate phaser modules for the left and right audio channels. The user can adjust the modulation frequency, modulation depth, feedback, and the mix amount [...] View post: SaschArt Releases FREE TwinPhaser VST/AU Plugin

  • Vox Soundbox Mini
    Read more about Vox Soundbox Mini at MusicRadar.com In recent years, practice amps have undergone something of a revolution; Yamaha was first to shake things up with the living room-friendly Yamaha THR range, and more recently, Blackstar offered its own take with the ID:Core series. Now, Vox has unveiled the Soundbox Mini, a stereo amp with plenty of sonic options."It's equally at home as a music player on the move, thanks to an auxiliary input for your phone or mp3 player"Where the Soundbox differs from its rivals is in its portability - not only is it compact, but it can be powered with batteries, which makes it equally at home as a music player on the move, thanks to an auxiliary input for your phone or mp3 player.You get inputs for guitar and mic, as well as a raft of effects, plus guitar, bass and keyboard presets - not to mention Korg's Acoustage technology, which makes it seem as if the sound is coming from all around the amp, rather than the two four-inch speakers.Each of the four guitar presets - tweedy clean, AC30 crunch, British high-gain and metal scoop - offers a decent approximation of classic sounds, augmented by the sweet-sounding effects, although the reverbs add more hiss than we'd like.But while the tones are pretty juicy through headphones, the output from the Soundbox is a little, well, boxy, and not the fullest sound we've heard from speakers of this size, either as a guitar amp or portable stereo. Read more about Vox Soundbox Mini at MusicRadar.com

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