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  • Beatport Creates Genre Tags To Define Commercial And Underground Music
    Words by Tommy XIn the beginning, Beatport said “let there be light” and there was light, creating a platform that allowed individuals to listen to new, undiscovered MUSIC in a place that once was formless and void of easily accessible tunes.On the second day, Beatport said “let there be sound” and there was sound, boasting an extensive collection of new and forthcoming tracks and a library of your favourite well-known anthems.Fast forward a week or so and on the twelfth day, Beatport will say “let there be genre tags” and there’ll be a shit load of bizarre and confusing ELECTRO ic sub genres that will have us all questioning whether we’re listening to house or something that some random punter has dubbed ‘molecularly distorted, trip-acoustic, synth-Jazz’.It’s madness. But apparently something we asked for. Next Monday, on the 12th of September, Beatport will introduce genre-tags as a means of differentiating commercial EDM and underground ELECTRONIC MUSIC

  • 5 Hot Summer Music Festivals
    Once the domain of jam-bands, alternative rock and ELECTRO ic-dance MUSIC today’s MUSIC FESTIVALS are

  • Exploring Sounds with Slander Interview Diplo Friends Mix
    Whether theyre touring around the world or dropping some of the dopest releases DANCE music has to offer, Derek Andersen and Scott Land aka  Slander  continue to push the envelope and impress us here at RTT. With their self-proclaimed Duality sound fusing various genres into something new, the LA duo has (in a short amount of time) established themselves as a [] The post Exploring Sounds with Slander [Interview + Diplo Friends Mix] appeared first on Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop Trap Music.

  • Top 10 Electronic Dance Tracks Of 2012
    It's hard to boil down the year in ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC to just 10 tracks. There are numerous genres (house, TECHNO EDM, etc.) and sub-genres (funky, HARDSTYLE

  • 7 Light City music acts not to miss from Biz Markie to Super City
    Besides booking recognizable acts, festival organizers looked to offer a wide palette of genres and moods, from hip-hop and ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC to funk-rock and classical. This year's festival — beginning today and running through April 8 throughout ...

  • The Room is Too Big Tuesday 002 The Colosseum
    So. Youre back. Last week, you saw us kick off a feature seres about one of the most unapologetically ridiculous genres of DANCE MUSIC and thought to yourself finally, someone gets me. Well, youre right to feel that way. We all have our moments of thinking were above pumping our fists to a song that probably [] The post The Room is Too Big Tuesday 002: The Colosseum appeared first on Dance Music Northwest.

  • BoomBoom How to Look Like You’re Vaping with Your Nose
    It’s not surprising anymore to see many products try to advertise towards fans of ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC these days. As one of the most popular and surging genres in recent MUSIC history, a bunch of companies are trying harder and harder to catch the ...

  • Review Porter Robinson and Madeon Conclude EarthShattering Shelter Live Tour at WaMu Theater
    The old saying goes that great minds think alike, and the release of “Shelter,” not only an incredible piece of shimmering, indie-flavored DANCE ... ELECTRONIC MUSIC eaven Saturday night. Open to most genres out there, Jess Casebeer greatly values ...

  • VenessaMichaels Returns With New “Flight” EP
    Having the proper party playlist as we approach the glory days of summer is essential and thanks to the one and only VenessaMichaels, adding some serious flavor to your MUSIC library just got a whole lot easier thanks to her new Flight EP. As expected, her latest body of work stretches across multiple genres venturing [] The post VenessaMichaels Returns With New Flight EP appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

  • Prepare For The 19th Capitol Hill Block Party
    Capitol Hill Block Party is one of Seattle’s defining events; a physical manifestation of the quirky, artsy, beautiful community that is Capitol Hill. The annual festival is incredibly diverse, featuring indie ARTIST spanning a myriad of genres, and the recently revealed initial lineup is no exception. In a departure from years past, rather than reveal [] The post Prepare For The 19th Capitol Hill Block Party appeared first on Dance Music Northwest.

  • Review Shruti Box By Cinematique Instruments
    Cinematique Instruments is a manufacturer of rare and unique instrument sound libraries. Even though their instrument repertory has a slight focus on film MUSIC they are perfectly suitable for all MUSIC l genres. Its all about how you use them. For a while now, Ive been playing with one of their Kontakt instruments called Shruti Box. What is [...]

  • Parker Explodes With Incredible Debut Spark EP
    SLVYVLLs newest signee Parker has made quite an impression. Out now with his debut EP, Parker lives up to the high standards set by SLVYVLLs roster, which includes ARTIST like Borgore, Ray Volpe, and TastyTreat. His Spark  EP is a combination of eclectically produced beats that cross genres like futuristic house, bass, and TRAP Each track [] The post Parker Explodes With Incredible Debut Spark EP appeared first on Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop Trap Music.

  • Global Dance Festival 2015 A Field Guide to Tonights Event in Chandler
    If you follow ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC no doubt you’re aware of the fact it’s invaded numerous other genres since exploding in popularity back in 2011, including the realms of rap, reggae, rock and pop. Perhaps its most curious crossover, however ...

  • Music Theory Tutorial Reharmonization
    and make and play MUSIC the way you want. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the roots and lineage of a variety of ELECTRO ic and DANCE MUSIC genres,

  • Dance Loud moves fans with a mix of old new
    Some of the BEST DANCE MUSIC especially from the funk era, came about through the more traditional instrumentation of drums and guitars. Although the rise of different ELECTRONIC MUSIC enres such as house and TECHNO signal

  • Zeds Dead and Illenium Come Together For A Massive New Tune In “Where The Wild Things Are”
    Nothing beats waking up in the morning and having fresh new tunes to blast for the today. The one however that I will have on repeat is this absolute gem of a song by Zeds Dead and Illenium, two of EDMs titans in their respective genres. Where The Wild Things Are combines an absolutely haunting [] The post Zeds Dead and Illenium Come Together For A Massive New Tune In Where The Wild Things Are appeared first on Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop Trap Music.

  • Motez review frantic journey through electronic dance before an AHa moment
    From a strong opening of high energy pop house sounds, Motez took the crowd on a frantic journey of EDM (electronic dance music) genres. It was often hard to make out what was stage lighting and what was the pack of iPhones stretched in the air by fans ...

  • Spoken Bird’s First EP Asks ‘How Old Is The Wind’
    There are different genres and sub-genres of music created each day. The Booms Claps Vol. 1 that brought a booming compilation of underrated producers is a great example of this, where we heard Spoken Birds music for the first time. Spoken Bird, also known as Alex Gonzalez, first came onto our radar back in May. He has proven to be [] The post Spoken Birds First EP Asks, How Old Is The Wind? appeared first on Dance Music Northwest.

  • Top 10 Electronic Dance Tracks Of 2012
    It's hard to boil down the year in electronic dance music to just 10 tracks. There are numerous genres (house, techno, EDM, etc.) and sub-genres (funky, hardstyle, deep house, etc.), and producing a banging track has never been easier for a new generation ...

  • Top 10 Electronic Dance Tracks Of 2012
    It's hard to boil down the year in electronic dance music to just 10 tracks. There are numerous genres (house, techno, EDM, etc.) and sub-genres (funky, hardstyle, deep house, etc.), and producing a banging track has never been easier for a new generation ...

  • Webster Hall Security Assaults Performing Artist
    Last night in the Marlin Room of NYCs Webster Hall, security assaulted the headlining performer. While the incident did not occur in the 2nd Floor Grand Ballroom where DJs headline, but being fans of music in general, its important to note that happenings such as this have massive repercussions for all genres, not just the one involved. Though [] This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Webster Hall Security Assaults Performing Artist

  • Play Enter MitiS’ “Living Color” Remix Contest
    Over the past few years, MitiS, aka Joe Torre, has been making a name for himself in the US electronic music scene while serving up tracks in a variety of dance genres, from dubstep to electro house and beyond. At the moment, the Philadelphia-based artist is focused on developing his craft and sharing his sound, [] The post Play: Enter MitiS’ “Living Color” Remix Contest appeared first on Beatport Buzz.

  • Steve Aoki Neon Future I
    There’s no denying that EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, has stormed the music industry and given artists of several different genres a reason to sell records again. From the artists that go out of their way to sing EDM (Britney Spears, Rihanna ...

  • Instagram loved Kpop most of all music genres this year
    Instagram announced the year’s hottest topics by country Thursday, Yonhap reported. K-pop was ahead of hip-hop and rap, RB, rock and electronic dance music when it came to most mentions — including comments — among app users around the globe.

  • Motez review frantic journey through electronic dance before an AHa moment
    From a strong opening of high energy pop house sounds, Motez took the crowd on a frantic journey of EDM (electronic dance music) genres. It was often hard to make out what was stage lighting and what was the pack of iPhones stretched in the air by fans ...

  • Lee Scratch Perry at 80 I am a prince and the music is the king
    The pioneer of dub turned 80 on Sunday – here he reminisces about Bob Marley, Haile Selassie and laying off weed (temporarily)On any other day, it would be hard to know quite where to begin when talking to Lee “Scratch” Perry. The Jamaican legend kickstarted Bob Marley’s career, has worked with everyone from Paul McCartney to John Martyn to the Clash, and has racked up countless records as both artist and producer. Perry’s 1960s and 70s studio innovations were decades ahead of their time, and the godfather of dub’s incalculable influence is still reverberating through genres from hip-hop to grime to dubstep. But with the man chalking up his 80th birthday, there is only one place to start the conversation.Happy birthday, Mr Perry. Continue reading...

  • 5 Ways for Undiscovered DJs to Get Noticed by the Right People
    These days, it seems as though everyone is trying to breakthrough into the electronic music industry. EDM has become one of the fastest growing genres in the world, with only more room for growth. However, this also means more room for competition with old stars dimming and new stars shining their way to the top. []The post 5 Ways for Undiscovered DJs to Get Noticed by the Right People appeared first on WhiteRaverRafting.

  • Friday Five 10 Venues Where Dance Genres Were Invented
    In this weeks Friday Five, we lead with a piece from Mixmag that lists 10 historic music venues where some of the greatest dance music genres were born. Weve also got pieces from Magnetic Magazine, Bandzoogle, Highsnobiety, and DJ Mag. Have a fantastic weekend ahead! 10 Venues Where Dance Genres Were Invented Where was Continued The post Friday Five: 10 Venues Where... »

  • iOS Music App Spotlight Modstep by AppBC
    and make and play music the way you want. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the roots and lineage of a variety of electronic and dance music genres, strengthen their keyboard skills, and learn valuable music theory, deepening their creative ...

  • Bjorn Akesson – Threshold 102
    Bjorn Akesson came to us through a artist submission and we are glad he did. His music is elevating and definitely gets your adrenaline pumping. his style is mainly trance but he throws in a lot of other genres of music which makes his sets interesting and upbeat. He belnds all these different styles graciously and always keeps a smooth groove going. Listen up! Bjorn is an amazing artist, your gonna love this. Tracklist 01. Julian Calor Storm [Revealed] 02. Heatbeat Rodrigo Deem Felina [Captivating Sounds] 03. Eco Carly Burns Hurt (AWD Remix) [Enhanced] 04. Tom Skyler Peace of Mind [PR Commercial] 05. Nitro Fun New Game [Monstercat] 06. Shogun Erhu [Armind] 07. Ronski Speed Syntrobic ft Elizabeth Egan One With You (Stoneface Terminal Remix) [Euphonic] 08. Stephen Kirkwood Off The Edge [Lange] 09. Andy Tau Open Your Eyes [Infrasonic] 10. Steve Brian and Vlad Varel Vegas [Tool Trance] 11. Sound Quelle Drunk [Tellurium] 12. Max Graham The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix) [Re*Brand] 13. Ben Gold Thriller [Garuda] 14. Morttagua Excalibur (Wrechiski Remix Morttagua Edit) [Black Hole]

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