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  • RL Grime Adventure Club Action Bronson More to Play Indy 500
    People from all over the world come to Indianapolis, Indiana to check out the famous Indy 500  a 200 lap indy car race that is often billed as The greatest spectacle in racing. It usually takes place on the Sunday before Memorial Day so it even has a built in day to nurse the [] The post RL Grime, Adventure Club, Action Bronson + More to Play Indy 500 appeared first on Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop Trap Music.

  • Recommended Dose The Best Dance Tracks Of February
    This month's selections include a youngster from Montreal, a veteran from Chicago, warehouse TECHNO from Paris, a visionary from London, and FOOTWORK from Michael Jackson's hometown of Gary, Indiana.

  • Indiana No Romeo review – dancepop thats no stranger to despair
    Dressing despair up as DANCE MUSIC is an idea older than disco itself ... The world is awash in brooding ELECTRO ic pop about romantic hurt, pop that's sung in a desolate coo, that's a little bit trip-hop and a lot digital, all strategies on Indiana's ...

  • Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices PRXZM Cover
    Indiana-based duo PRXZM craft a spellbinding remix of "Sea of Voices" by Porter Robinson, off his debut studio album 'Worlds.'

  • 50 Killed 53 Wounded In Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History
    UPDATE 2: LA Times reports authorities have arrested a man in West Hollywood after discovering assault rifles, ammunition and possible explosives in his car. The man was reportedly in town for Pride in a car with Indiana plates. The investigation has been handed over to the FBI. At the time there is no confirmation of a connection [] This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: 50 Killed 53 Wounded In Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History

  • Jlin teases collaboration with Ben Frost
    The Indiana FOOTWORK producer and the Icelandic composer have a collaborative project on the horizon, according to her Twitter.

  • EDM is Millers passion
    Kiera Miller has fallen in love with ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC (EDM). But instead of just dancing, the 2012 Batesville High School graduate has become entrepreneurial. First the junior at Indiana University, who majors in social work and is working on a ...

  • Bronze Whale tackles Gorgon City Here For You remix Premiere
    I've been jammin' to Gorgon City's "Here For You" for a hot minute, but when I heard the Bronze Whale remix of the song, I was a smitten kitten all over again. Bronze Whale has made a variety of delicious production choices; from their remix of Tom Aspaul's "Indiana" to...

  • Andrew DeGraff Draws Maps Of Journeys Taken In Star Wars And Other Famous Films
    Illustrator and film lover Andrew DeGraff crafted a series of maps to help us navigate some of our favorite films. In long, epic journeys like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and even goofy comedies Wet Hot Continue reading The post Andrew DeGraff Draws Maps Of Journeys Taken In Star Wars And Other Famous Films appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist Design.

  • MTV’s Dare to Live with Rory Kramer Features The Chainsmokers’ Wild Day Off
    The latest episode of Rory Kramers MTV show Dare to Live centers around what its like when hes hanging with The Chainsmokers. Heres a brief synopsis: While touring with his good friends The Chainsmokers, Rory takes the guys via private jet to his hometown in Indiana to give them the full lake-life experience, complete with [] This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: MTVs Dare to Live with Rory Kramer Features The Chainsmokers Wild Day Off

  • Indiana No Romeo review – dancepop thats no stranger to despair
    Dressing despair up as DANCE MUSIC is an idea older than disco itself ... The world is awash in brooding ELECTRO ic pop about romantic hurt, pop that's sung in a desolate coo, that's a little bit trip-hop and a lot digital, all strategies on Indiana's ...

  • Indiana – Heart On Fire Duncan Murray Bootleg
    Facebook SoundCloud Twitter Wow, this bootleg remix by Duncan Murray of Indianas Heart On Fire is a deep house delight tha

  • Welcome to College Indiana’s Welcome Week Block Party
    (All Photos By: Brittany Krieble) This past Saturday, I attended the 2015 installment of Indiana University’s Welcome Week Block Party, hosted by the Union Board, Residential Programs Services, and Residence Halls Association. I had mixed feelings about attending the show because I found out that a lot of my friends would not be going [] This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Welcome to College: Indianas Welcome Week Block Party

  • Haywyre Unveils Another Gem “Do You Don’t You” Ahead of Two Fold Pt 2 LP Release
    In todays DANCE MUSIC landscape, there are many DJs and increasingly more DJs-turned-live acts, but Haywyre has kept things live from the beginning. Having carved his own lane with his eclectic and virtuosic brand of ELECTRONIC MUSIC this Indiana-native has been catapulted onto the international stage, while maintaining his authenticity and refined MUSIC l

  • Indiana University Welcome Week Block Party
    Being from Indiana it’s always exciting to see a festival/concert lineup filled with MUSIC that I actually like. Why? Well, let’s just say this State is not exactly the most MUSIC lly thriving one of the other 49. Fortunately, I happen to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, which brings in a lot of world-renowned ARTIST ,

  • Jlins Black Origami is a Drumheads Delight
    Gary, Indiana-based producer Jlin releases details of her second LP, titled Black Origami.

  • The Idealistic Legacy of Parks and Recreation
    by Chris Kopcow Next Tuesday, when the lights go out at Pawnee City Hall, when JJ’s Diner cooks up its last waffles, when Councilman Dexhart has his final affair, when “treat yo’ self” and Galentine’s Day and Li’l Sebastian and Sweetums and “lit’rally” and the Lo-Cal Calzone Zone become but legends drifting in the Indiana wind, Parks and Recreation will vanish from the airwaves, leaving a television landscape that’s far more glum without it. Initially something of an Office knockoff, creator Mike Schur, together with his cast and crew, quickly discovered the comedy of niceness, of people that are genuinely kind to each other and stand firmly by their beliefs. It’s a world where the sarcastic, disaffected character isn’t the audience surrogate but the weird one whose character arc teaches her to engage and sympathize more with her community. If that doesn’t seem revolutionary, consider how many of the best, most influential sitcoms of the last twenty or so years Seinfeld, Arrested Development, The Office were filled with bitter, selfish, ignorant people, bickering and tearing each other down. Even the friends of Friends, one of the ultimate hangout, good-vibes sitcoms, were at each other’s throats about one thing or another almost every episode. (Plus, let me know if you find another sitcom with so many jokes about a main character’s mother killing herself.) These shows could be very humane and hopeful when they wanted to be, but Parks and Recreation took that optimism and ran with it the way few, if any, modern comedies have. Right now, I’m watching as a crane shot lifts from Leslie Knope and sails over the Pawnee Harvest Festival on a sunny, autumn day to the strains of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ “American Girl.” It’s a moment of transcendence in a series full of them, the shot fluidly connecting this one woman to her hometown, a public servant looking on at the community she improved because of her dedication. “American Girl,” a song about a young woman “raised

  • Jlin Drops new Dark Lotus track Nyakinyua Rise
    Jlin just dropped “Nyakinyua Rise,” the B-Side to her forthcoming two-track EP, Dark Lotus, which is due out February 10th via Planet Mu. The Gary, Indiana-based footwork producer and DJ has dedicated the track to the children attending the Dagoretti Nyakinyua Primary School in Kenya, and the Nyakinyua Community Empowerment Program. It’s a cut full [] The post Jlin Drops new 'Dark Lotus' track "Nyakinyua Rise" appeared first on EARMILK.

  • Durand Jones The Indications Make OldSchool Soul With A NewSchool Honesty
    With a few hundred dollars and a karaoke mic, the Indiana band channeled the gritty sound of lost soul recordings on its debut. Christina Cala caught up with the group at this year's SXSW festival.

  • Nyzzy Nyce – This Right Here Official Music Video
    Nyzzy Nyce, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana, is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming mixtape called, Lost in Los Angeles. What better way to entice us but with a new official music video for This Right Here, a track produced by TWIGG, which is one of the tracks thats going [] The post Nyzzy Nyce This Right Here (Official Music Video) appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

  • Recommended Dose The Best Dance Tracks Of February
    This month's selections include a youngster from Montreal, a veteran from Chicago, warehouse techno from Paris, a visionary from London, and footwork from Michael Jackson's hometown of Gary, Indiana.

  • Aspire to Inspire 036 Kill Paris
    Growing up in small town Indiana, I have found that a lot of my peers simply do not know what electronic music is, even though a lot of their favorite songs have electronic influences behind them. 27-year-old Corey Baker, aka Kill Paris can say the same. After growing up in a town just outside of [] This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Aspire to Inspire 036: Kill Paris

  • Virtual Riot Delivers Fresh Single In My Head Feat PRXZM Free Download
    Virtual Riot has graced fans with a brand new single called In My Head featuring Indiana duo PRXZM. The release follows his heavy dubstep remix of LDRUs Next To You with Barely Alive, as well as his smooth future bass original Flutter. His latest work falls more inline with the latters style. In My Head is a breezy, melodic production thats supported by a pulsating bassline, fat drum kicks and a chopped-up vocal melody. The song is available as a free download on LA-based label Spiritedand can be picked upbelow. Enjoy! Virtual Riot - In My Head ft. PRXZM | Download

  • LISTEN Indiana Only The Lonely Fred Falke Remix
    *Indiana* announced her new single ‘*Only The Lonely*’ a few weeks back which premiered by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1. ‘*Only The Lonel*y’ presents *Indiana*’s intelligent pop at its most transcendent, with a majestic ebb and flow of gently pulsating instrumentation building into an uplifting wall of...

  • PoundPoundPound – Zoombahton Stream
    This fresh new tune from Indiana-based duo, ### (pronounced PoundPoundPound) is definitely a treat for all of you Moombahton lovers out there, it bringing a fresh, lively, and invigorating style to genre. Loaded with bass, grooving melodies articulated in bright synths and effects, as well as bouncy percussion rhythms with a powerful kick drum, this []The post ### (PoundPoundPound) Zoombahton [Stream] appeared first on WhiteRaverRafting.

  • ZHU’s Indiana Debut Was One For The Books
    (Photos Courtesy Of: Joe Abdellah  Levi Reece) On Saturday, August 20th one of the nations top party schools, Indiana University-Bloomington (IU), welcomed incoming freshman with an unforgettable experience. ZHU headlined the Union Boards annual Welcome Week Block Party and upcoming pop sensations, Kiiara and MAX, joined as support. From the minute the gates opened, IU students [] This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: ZHUs Indiana Debut Was One For The Books!

  • Indiana No Romeo review – dancepop thats no stranger to despair
    Dressing despair up as dance music is an idea older than disco itself ... The world is awash in brooding electronic pop about romantic hurt, pop that's sung in a desolate coo, that's a little bit trip-hop and a lot digital, all strategies on Indiana's ...

  • The Wldlfe Tap Swedish Newcomer Anders Young For Official Remix of “Waterfalls”
    How some of the deepest musical friendships start is when two new artist projects join forces early on in their careers. The Wldlfe, an Indiana-based indie fourpiece, made their debut just short of a year ago, and have since been working at building upon their debut EP and follow-up single, Text Me? To set themselves [] The post The Wldlfe Tap Swedish Newcomer Anders Young For Official Remix of Waterfalls appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

  • Fehrplay remixes Indianas Only the Lonely Premiere
    Earlier this year, UK-born and bred vocalist Indiana proved herself to be among the ranks of the new order of pop songstress with the release of her album No Romeo. One of the singles from the album entitled "Only The Lonely" attracted thousands of good looks online, as well as...

  • Jack Conway will meet his soulmate Eventually
    Jack Conway dropped a completely phenomenal new single "Eventually."  This Los Angeles artist, originally from Indiana, charms us all with his alluring words and enchanting vocal delivery.      Earlier this month, Conway released the visual for his sweet song "Easy." He is now back to captivate us with yet another single that reaches our [] The post Jack Conway will meet his soulmate Eventually appeared first on EARMILK.

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