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  • Anna Yvette Releases The Long Awaited “Clouds” With AFK
    Fans of Anna and AFK may remember this one. A while back this was supposed to be released on a label but there was some confusion and now everyone gets it for free! The versatile Ms. Anna has been updating her Soundcloud on weekly basis giving us a new throwback tune of hers each week, [] The post Anna Yvette Releases The Long Awaited Clouds With AFK appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Will K Shines Bright In His Latest Release “Here Comes The Sun”
    Will K has delivered the follow up to his “Banzai” and this could arguably his best production to date. The Melbourne-based talent returns to Armin van Buuren’s “Armada Trice” to bring up his collaboration with the talented vocalist Sean Declase, entitled “Here Comes The Sun”. This ELECTRO bomb that features a funky bassline that will [] The post Will K Shines Bright In His Latest Release Here Comes The Sun appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

  • Pop Rock Cabaret for June 511
    For full reviews of recent concerts ... The Canadian ELECTRO dance producer has not returned to New York often since 2011, when he set a new ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC benchmark by playing a boisterous six-night residency at Roseland Ballroom.

  • SMLE’s Remix of Michael Bublé Has Us “Feeling Good”
    In the chaos of the world as we know it, it proves difficult to find that unique sound; the sound that separates itself from the rest. We have found just that; with SMLEs ELECTRONICA trap infused cover of Michael Buble?s Feeling Good. SMLEs silky voice slowly filters through an electric harp and soft strings. He [] The post SMLEs Remix of Michael Bublé Has Us Feeling Good appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Brillz Puts The Twonk Touch On Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do”
    Brillz is no stranger to absolutely smashing the Katy Perry remixes. His previous take on Roar, left listeners twonked out,turned up, and with a hot spot on our charts. So it should come as no surprise that this official remix of This Is How We Do, comes fully loaded with mind-blowing wobbles, dirty drops, and [] The post Brillz Puts The Twonk Touch On Katy Perrys This Is How We Do appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Fox Stevenson Drops His “All This Time” EP
    Fox Stevenson formerly “Stan SB” is at it again with his latest EP “All This Time”! Not even a year since his “Endless” EP, Fox decided to drop his latest piece of work just in time for summer. This 4 track EP really shows us what type of ARTIST Fox Stevenson is simply because this [] The post Fox Stevenson Drops His All This Time EP appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Watch Ultra Music Festival live on UMF TV
    Dancing Astronaut - house, ELECTRO progressive, DUBSTEP UMF TV returns in 2014 with a three day live broadcast, streaming for at least 7 hours a day. Watch Ultra Music Festival live on UMF TV was posted by Michael Sundius, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.

  • Relive Miami Music Week with Big Beat and Friends
    Dancing Astronaut - house, ELECTRO progressive, DUBSTEP It's only been a week but the post-Miami depression has certainly sunk in. Luckily Big Beat and Friends brought a camera along for the ride during their exclusive pool party atop the Dream Hotel in South Beach. The 2-minute recap instantly brings back all of the over-the-top indulgence of Miami Music Week, featuring cameos from label stars; Icona Pop, Cash Cash, Walden and Flux Pavilion as well as The Chainsmokers, Hook n Sling, Chocolate Puma and Sick Individuals, who joined the party as friends of the estimable label. Relive Miami Music Week with Big Beat and Friends was posted by Andrew Spada, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.

  • Laidback Luke takes on new era of music with Bae featuring Gina Turner
    The man who helped pioneer the ELECTRO HOUSE revolution is venturing into new territory today. With labels like Spinnin' Records answering the complaints of the homogenization of DANCE MUSIC from listeners with deeper, groovier releases, it appears DANCE MUSIC legend

  • Florian Picasso Puts His Signature Touch On NERVO’s “The Other Boys”
    The French mastermind Florian Picasso has done it again with this latest remix! This time around Florian has worked his talents on NERVOs monstrous anthem, The Other Boys giving it a massive futuristic makeover. While the original was a catchy pop tune, this remix features a heavy dose of gritty ELECTRO that will take any [] The post Florian Picasso Puts His Signature Touch On NERVOs The Other Boys appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

  • Gorgon City’s New Track Is Simply “Unmissable”
    Deep house may have found its roots in Chicago, but lately London is on top of the world with stunning tracks from the likes of Disclosure and Rudimental. And just today we see the next single from the profound MUSIC l genius we know as Gorgon City. Dubbed Unmissable, its the next single off the duos [] The post Gorgon Citys New Track Is Simply Unmissable appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith The Kid review – a charming electronic exploration of life
    (Western Vinyl)Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s last album, 2016’s EARS, was a suite essentially about wonderment. The one before, Euclid (2015), took its inspiration from geometry. Dry summaries like those don’t really do justice to the swirls and whorls of the LA-based MUSIC an’s ELECTRO acoustic work. Here, Smith tracks the life of a person from twinkle in the eye to autonomous being contemplating life’s end; the journey’s emotional arc is conceived as four sides of a double album. To say that the title track sounds like she has TRAP ed

  • DJ Snake Lil Jon Get 2 Chainz Juicy J And French Montana On Duty With ‘Turn Down For What’ Remix
    The turn up anthem finally gets an official remix! Dj Snake and Lil Jons banger Turn Down For What has been played at every big festival so far this summer and just a few hours ago DJ Snake uploaded this brand new remix to his soundcloud. 2 Chainz, Juicy J and French Montana contribute TRAP ed [] The post DJ Snake Lil Jon Get 2 Chainz, Juicy J And French Montana On Duty With Turn Down For What Remix appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Sava Razz Add Progressive Touch To “With You” ft Helen Corry By Jupiter Project Jetski Safari
    Sava Razz are back with their brand new official remix of With You ft. Helen Corry by Jupiter Project Jetski Safari. This tune is certainly one that you do not want to pass over. The duo transforms the track from deep house to PROGRESSIVE HOUSE adding warm and vocal verses along with an [] The post Sava Razz Add Progressive Touch To With You ft. Helen Corry By Jupiter Project Jetski Safari appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Dotcom Gets Dirty With R3HAB Vinai’s “How We Party”
    While your Friday turn up might still be lingering, its time to press play and let Saturdays begin. Yesterday, Dotcom dropped this absolutely filthy remix of R3HAB Vinais How We Party, blowing not only the speakers on my system, but my mind. Perfectly coined Dotcoms WTF Trap Remix, this tune will have you going [] The post Dotcom Gets Dirty With R3HAB Vinais How We Party appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Gareth Emery Recaps His 2014 Journey So Far In “Dynamite” Music Video featuring Christina Novelli
    Gareth Emery is truly one of dance musics most underrated forefront men. The 34 year old DJ producer is no one new. Through the years having such never forgetful tunes as Sanctuary, On A Good Day, and Concrete Angel. After Concrete Angel went full-circle in 2012, especially after being named Armin van Buurens A [] The post Gareth Emery Recaps His 2014 Journey So Far In Dynamite Music Video featuring Christina Novelli appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • TSS Premiere Roniks Gets Wild With A Killer Drumstep Original “THRWNG MNY”
    Heres an incredible way to start your week. Los Angeles-based DJ/Producer Roniks (formerly known as GLock) has returned for another TSS Premiere (check out his Iggy Azalea Bounce collaborative remix with Fista Cuffs), and this one is a killer drumstep original entitled THRWNG MNY. The talented producer has constructed a wild, off-the-wall banger around tastefully []The post [TSS Premiere] Roniks Gets Wild With A Killer Drumstep Original THRWNG MNY appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Claude Vonstroke’s “Sugar Cinnamon” Goes DirtyBird Thanks To Justin Jay
    Los Angeles producer and DJ Justin Jay has a natural ability to push the limits of his production while simultaneously raising the bar for his peers. Deep house has become my genre of choice recently so I have some mileage in the subgenre at hand. How Jay takes Claude Vonstrokes minimal-ish original record Sugar [] The post Claude Vonstrokes Sugar Cinnamon Goes DirtyBird Thanks To Justin Jay appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Crywolf Ianborg’s “Runaway” Music Video Is A Must See
    Crywolf and Ianborg make better music than 90% of the musicians out there. I mean how can anyone not like this. I could die to this on repeat. Easily my favorite track they have ever done together and I cant wait for the next collaboration. The emotions run wild throughout the video and the editing [] The post Crywolf Ianborgs Runaway Music Video Is A Must See appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • New Track Dean Mason – Fairydust Original Mix
    Music You Need | The Premier Electronic Dance Music Blog - The primary music source for all electronic dance, indie, and hip hop music enthusiasts. We provide the latest music releases, artist interviews, photos, and more! Damn. Dean Mason with the heater on this one. Fairydust, released on Musical Noize, is a new electro house tune that will shatter your ear drums and blow your speakers. With a huge build, super acid laser sounding melody during the drop, and massive bass, this one is sure to get the club dance floors jumping. A super mellow bridge with some fun vocals, and then a cowbell leads into another fat build that gets you fist pumping. Check out the track below! Grab the track off Beatport HERE! Connect with Musical Noize Official Site  Facebook  Youtube The post *New Track* Dean Mason Fairydust (Original Mix) appeared first on Music You Need | The Premier Electronic Dance Music Blog.

  • But First…Botnek Remixes “Selfie”
    During Memorial Day Weekend, an ID of “Selfie” was receiving some major support from 3lau, Adventure Club and even The Chainsmokers but no one was quite sure where it came from. Well it turns out Botnek was behind the EPIC remix! It seems after all that drama behind “Selfie,” The Chainsmokers reached out to Botnek [] The post But FirstBotnek Remixes Selfie appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Culprate Switch feat McMash Clan Maksim Electro House 2015 Huge new music from Culprate
    submitted by nickhooper [link] [3 comments]

  • L CON At Daybreak anrost remix
    L CON (a.k.a. Toronto artist and Del Bel member Lisa Conway) released a single titled The Distance of the Moon back in 2015, then followed it up with a full-length album called Moon Milk last year. Now, she's shared another musician's interpretation of a song from that LP.   "At Daybreak" has been reworked by Portugal-born, Stockholm-based artist an.rost. The pair met in class at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast, Ireland, making the new version of the track a truly international affair.   An.rost describes his music as electro-acoustic compositions that try to "place the listener in ambiguous scenarios" with a combination of "rough sonorities and smooth developments."   Those techniques applied to "At Daybreak" result in a track wrapped in dark, eerie, electro-tinged ambience, punctuated by thumps of bass and Conway's haunting vocals.   Scroll past L CON's upcoming live shows to hear it for yourself in the player below. Tour dates: 01/20 Fredericton, NB - Shivering Songs Festival at The Capital 01/21 Sackville, NB - Stereophonic XIV 02/04 Toronto, ON - Long Winter Festival at The Theatre Centre 02/18 Owen Sound, ON - Lupercalia Festival  

  • Tropkillaz Party Favor Put You To Twerk With “Dat Booty”
    If you were looking for your Turn Up Tuesday Anthem, look no further than the latest collab from Tropkillaz Party Favor. Dat Booty is the epitome of turn up and will have any booty within a five mile radius of this song bouncing. With every infectious beat of the bass another behind will have [] The post Tropkillaz Party Favor Put You To Twerk With Dat Booty appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Diamond Trees – Leagues Free Download
    Electro house continues to thrive in new and exciting ways in today’s competitive world of electronic dance music. If you dig long enough and hard enough exploring various blogs, SoundCloud, and Beatport, all sorts of unheard music can be found waiting ...

  • Moonrise Festival announces Phase 1 of 2014 lineup
    Dancing Astronaut - house, electro, progressive, dubstepAfter being forced to cancel last year's festival, Steez Promo and Glow DC have bounced back and unveiled not only the return of Moonrise Festival, but a stacked lineup that overshadows last year's unfortunate cancelation. Headlined by Kaskade and Bassnectar, the Phase 1 announcement is teeming with talent from all corners of the dance music landscape.Moonrise Festival announces Phase 1 of 2014 lineup was posted by Dancing Astronaut Staff, and appeared first on Dancing Astronaut.

  • AG Has Teamed Up With Northmark And Gabrielle Ross For Their FirstEver Progressive Vocal Track
    AG strikes again! You may remember a few weeks ago we premiered the Miami based brothers remix of “Blame” and got to know the two a little better, well they have delivered once again. This time around they have teamed up with Northmark to bring us an extremely uplifting progressive anthem featuring beautiful vocals from [] The post AG Has Teamed Up With Northmark And Gabrielle Ross For Their First-Ever Progressive Vocal Track appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Moby Rifflandia Victoria BC September 17
    As originally seen on Exclaim.ca.Moby needs no introduction. This is a DJ whose career has spanned over three decades, who has influenced generations with his music.   The opening lines of "Natural Blues" echoed across the crowd, prompting massive response before he dropped right into a bass-heavy house rendition. Moby's set was surprising, to say the least — in the best possible way. Mixing dirty house and electro for the majority of it, it was a swift departure from what we're used to with his releases.   For all his meek, soft demeanour, Moby is a beast onstage. Charismatic and energetic in his ratty band t-shirt, jumping along with the crowd at the side of the stage and hopping up on his set up to hype up the crowd, one had to give credit to Moby for not picking up on the mainstream EDM that has been saturating the club scene in recent years. Instead, he opted for solid house and electro, with a smidge of techno, plucking out a 4/4 beat that hardcore fans of house could appreciate.   Though the clouds rolled over midway through and the rain started up again, it couldn't stop the crowd from raging along with a legend.     A post shared by Exclaim! (@exclaimdotca) on Sep 18, 2017 at 10:52am PDT  

  • Daft Punk cowrote a track with an Aussie band
    Parcels - a group made up of Jules Crommelin, Patrick Hetherington, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Louie Swain -  might not come to mind instantly, however this young Aussie group are clearly in the 'making big waves' business after enlisting the help of Daft Punk on their latest single, 'Overnight'.Quite impressive work for a few blokes from Byron Bay, right? The track comes via French imprint Kitsuné, wherein the link-up between the renowned electro duo and this group of up-and-coming music makers was made, and hence 'Overnight' was born.The track bares that staple, Daft Punk disco vibe that became famous circa their 2013 album 'Random Access Memories', and sees Parcels uplift the track with some upbeat vocals and added instrumental gestures.Listen to the track in full below, and be sure to follow Parcels for more heat in the near future.

  • Michael Sparks Andres Fresko Unleash “BTFU”
    Mondays arent so bad especially with all this new music to start the week. Michael Sparks Andres Fresko have teamed up for a monstrous freebie that is sure to set your speakers on fire so dont say you werent warned. Each producers true talents shine through for this explosive fusion of bass and electro [] The post Michael Sparks Andres Fresko Unleash B.T.F.U appeared first on thissongslaps.com - Electronic Dance Music Hip-Hop Media.

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