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  • Gazzo’s Uplifting Progressive Anthem “Never Touch The Ground” ft Y LUV
    Mr. Mike Gazzo, known for his hard hitting and funkified ELECTRO remixes of songs far beyond the realm of EDM, -Snows Patrols Chasing Cars and Eric Claptons Cocaine are just a couple of his best- is back with an uplifting progressive anthem dubbed Never Touch The Ground which features his LA based buddies, Y LUV. [] The post Gazzos Uplifting Progressive Anthem Never Touch The Ground ft. Y LUV appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • best dubstep remixes of popular songs 2015
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emW06ATd3AI submitted by sarahhedwig [link] [comment]

  • The Chainsmokers Channel Their Love For Bastille Into A Brilliant Official Remix For “Flaws”
    As a fellow Bastille lover, I can relate to The Chainsmokers reasoning for wanting to remix this addictive tune. Flaws is one of my favorite songs from the bristish group, and what makes this remix even better is that The Chainsmokers are personal fans too. The duo put it best with their description as Bastille []The post The Chainsmokers Channel Their Love For Bastille Into A Brilliant Official Remix For Flaws appeared first on ThisSongSlaps.com | Dubstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Electro House EDM Music Blog..

  • Trying to get back into dubstep
    The last few days I’ve been kinda nostalgic and listened to 2012-2014 DUBSTEP However, I want to see how the genre developed over time and would love it if you guys could recommend me the best/most popular songs who’ve been released in the last few years. Thanks! submitted by /u/depressed_bear [link] [comments]

  • New Electronic Music Chart Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week
    I dont have anything particularly clever to say this week, but what I do have are 10 very great DUBSTEP tracks that I think you should listen to. While the tracks I post every week are pretty amazing, this week has some early contenders for best songs of the year. Give them a listen. View [] The post New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week appeared first on Magnetic Magazine.

  • Spag Heddy Gimme a Break one of the best dubstep songs Ive heard in a while
    submitted by Made_Account [link] [1 comment]

  • Best song to open a dubstep set with
    So I have expanded all of my possible songs to open sets with and I need new ones. What is a song you guys can recommend that would be good to open a set with? Preferably 140 BPM. submitted by benybenyking [link] [5 comments]

  • World fusion dubstep recs
    I am not an expert on the difference between DUBSTEP EDM house/ DANCE

  • Best of some genres
    A hypothetical situation. For someone who is not into ELECTRONIC MUSIC t all, what songs are the best from: *House *Trap *Trance *Dubstep :D submitted by veedees [link] [14 comments]

  • Voicestep Recommendations
    Hello r/dubstep, I have never posted here so I hope this is an appropriate question! I have loved DUBSTEP since I was a kid, and have recently been loving what I think is best described as voicestep, and am on the hunt for more ARTIST and songs that fit this description Some examples of my personal favorites are: Dion Timmer: Shiawise, SLANDER,RIOT: You don’t even know me, San Holo: Forever Free, Skrillex: Would you ever Is there anything else out there that you guys listen to similar to this? I can’t get enough of it and would love your guys suggestions! submitted by /u/Lark1ne [link] [comments]

  • Top 10 Best Dubstep Songs January 2015 mix
    If you love this MUSIC l direction, you can listen to my compilation - Top 10 BEST DUBSTEP SONGS [January 2015 mix]. http://youtu.be/HJhU3LCRWsA?list=UUbKJXEbKdmiJO0tQzb1SmRg Also, you can criticize and to ask any questions, I will answer. submitted by wejustman [link] [comment]

  • Best Melodic Dubstep Songs
    So, I realized I really liked melodic DUBSTEP So I guess the title says it all best melodic DUBSTEP SONGS .. Also, if there is a specific ARTIST that

  • I made a playlist with Best Dubstep songs of 2020 What do you think
    submitted by /u/VixiQick [link] [comments]

  • Best place to learn dubstep production
    Sorry if this is not the correct subreddit but is there any online courses that you can recommend for teaching DUBSTEP production. I would love to invest my time and create songs to share to the world submitted by /u/byExit [link] [comments]

  • Help me find some new or old great dubstep Here are some of my top songs hopefully our ears align
    I love melodic DUBSTEP and here are some of my all time favorite songs. I'm a bit picky, but if you also like these songs, send some new ones my way! Let's just generate some good DUBSTEP talk! Some of the best stuff out there, according to me, includes: Just about anything by Dabin (Demons, The Great Divide, Burn Up), and Seven Lions' older work (Still With Me Remix, Worlds Apart, December). Wings-Original Mix by Jacob Stanifer Last Chance-Dirtyphonics Remix by Kaskade, Project 46 Atlas-Faux Tales The Phoenix-Rezonate Strada (feat. Deja Elyze)-Ricky Mears So Wrong-Illenium New Life (Part 2)-Venemy Listen-Said the Sky Like I said, lots of melodic stuff, chiller, strange stuff. What do you like? submitted by /u/Aviatrix44 [link] [comments]

  • Dubstep is the best for jogging what are good songs to keep my motivation up
    I'd love some more songs to add to my jogging playlist. When i get distracted jogging it becomes way harder. I've noticed awesome dubstep keeps me going. Any suggestions? I apologize if this isn't allowed, I'm new to this sub. edit: Thanks for all the replies. Definitely got some good stuff to work with! submitted by RadWalk [link] [39 comments]

  • Best Dubstep Remixes of Popular Songs 2015
    submitted by snabbisen [link] [3 comments]

  • Best Streaming Service for Dubstep Audio Quality
    So I’ve also downloaded through Apple Music and in my ignorance only just realised that the max audio quality through Apple Music is 256kbps AAC bitrate. I would’ve thought for sure 320?!!! How have I only just realised this lol. Now I know this I feel like I want to replace my music library with songs only at 320kbps. I’ve looked into Spotify who use a 320kbps Ogg Vorbis bitrate. From what I’ve read it’s arguable which has the actual better sounding audio quality but which is the better suited for Dubstep? Or am I just better downloading 320kbps files where I can (Soundcloud etc) and adding to my library that way? Sorry for the geeky post but audio quality means a lot to me and I just want the best sounding dubstep I can get! 🤘 submitted by /u/imexdanny [link] [comments]

  • Best dubstep tracks
    What are dubstep tracks do you recommend because I am really into dubstep but I don't know many good songs submitted by /u/AlinosAlan [link] [comments]

  • Best female vocals
    I just started enjoying dubstep, just wondering what songs have some of the best female vocals in them. submitted by MusicNerds [link] [1 comment]

  • relectronicmusic needs your help building a Drumstep Playlist
    Over at /r/electronicmusic we want to explore the various subgenres electronic music has to offer. To accomplish this, we have started an activity in which people vote on different electronic subgenres to be highlighted. Then, redditors recommend songs that fit the week's genre. At the end of the week I make a playlist of the 20 most upvoted songs. This week, Drumstep was voted the genre people most wanted to learn about / have as a playlist. I figure a lot of you probably know the genre better than us, so I invite everyone here who listens to Drumstep to come over before Sunday to recommend songs and upvote the other submissions that would best represent this specific genre to the world. Tl;dr /r/electronicmusic is making Drumstep playlist. We need your help submitting / voting on songs to make sure it turns out in a way you would be proud of. If you are interested you can find the link to the thread here. Here is a megathread which links all of the weekly genre threads so far (including a dubstep thread). Also just a heads up that Brostep is coming up on the 28th. Hope to see you for that thread as well! Hope to hear from you all soon! submitted by /u/DannyLumpy [link] [comments]

  • Question on finding premium songs
    So I've been actively listening to Dubstep since 2008. The first time I was introduced to it quite literally was the start of an obsession. I've noticed that finding the super duper savage songs isn't so easy. I'm the kind of person that has exceptionally high standards, in that if I'm not feeling a song, it's a bust. Could be a super popular artist, super popular song but if I don't feel it... I just don't feel it. That being said, my exceptionally high standards has left my soundcloud looking absolutely INSANE. 300+ tracks of just pure fire. How did I accumulate this music? Painstakingly listening to TONS AND TONS of songs, and I can listen to just a few small musical sequences and determine if it's quality or generic. So here is my question? What the hell am I missing? Having to research to find the best of the best requires a shit ton of effort and time, and having to listen to lot's of generic material that just doesn't leave an impression. I used to go to beatport and stuff like that but it seems their top 100 doesn't even feel like a legit top 100. It's left me feeling like... am I really the only person capable of determining what's absolutely fucking godlike and what's decent? I shutter to think how many dubstep lovers have been missing the absolute mind melting shit and are getting stuck on the popular easy to find shit. God I hope not. I tend to take the absolute best songs from artists and ignore the ones that aren't on the same level. Is my ability to find premium shit rare? Is there something I'm missing? Truth be told, I would love nothing more than to find a person or group of people that were in the know and just had a massive database of shit I've never even heard that would blow my brain but I'm not so sure. Are the only people that would have that sort of shit the famous DJ's themselves? I used to love sharing music with people, but I noticed that when other people would send me shit often times some of the stuff wasn't really that good where as

  • Similar songsartists
    Hi reddit! When it comes to music I'm mainly a classic rock kind of guy, and I've never been much of a fan of techno/dubstep/trap/etc. But recently I came across a few songs that I really enjoy when I'm out skiing and and would love to find any similar songs or artists. Valesco - Cloud 9 https://youtu.be/vPxf8m93GgY Twenty One Pilots- Holding Onto You (Instrumental) https://youtu.be/HHIRryiXqnE Not really sure how to describe them, but the best way I can is that they're sort of lightweight and playful, not too heavy on the drums and very melodic. Especially the chorus in the instrumental for Holding Onto You. I hope I'm making sense or else I probably just sound crazy. Does anyone know any songs or artists that sound like these? submitted by /u/-Karmadillo- [link] [comments]

  • Bass Intensity Index Is this good
    ** BEST EFFECT: BASS BOOST 24dB@75Hz /W BIG SUBWOOFER, SIZE = COMPUTER CASE ** I made a formula that calculates the bass intensity and feel. bass(x,y)=100(((3y)/800)+((x)/20)) x - bass intensity [1-100] - how much does the bass shake your desk and did any objects fell down? y - bass feel [1-100] - does it sound good? From all of my favorite 50 dubstep songs i calculated that this are the best by Bass Intensity Index: 1. Virtual Riot - Preset Junkies 2. Getter - Dubstep is Dead 3. Bassnectar - Wildstyle Method 4. Feed Me - Blood Red 5. Knife Party - Centipede 6. Doctor P - Big Boss 7. Zomboy - Like A Bitch 8. Zomboy - Immunity 9. Spag Heddy - Love On First Sine 10. Flux Pavilion - Emotional 11. Doctor P - Going Gorillas 12. Skrillex - Kyoto 13. Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) 14. DJ Fresh - Louder (Doctor P Flux Pavilion) 15. Zomboy - Bad Intentions Do you agree with this list? submitted by /u/MagnetFlux [link] [comments]

  • Best dubstep album of 2014
    I've been out of the loop for a good year or so and I want to get back in. I remember reading a post about the best songs, but rarely do I find full albums from artists. A lot of this scene that I find are singles or remixes. Can anybody throw out some wonderful albums from the past year? Any kind is fine. submitted by The_Unforgiving [link] [26 comments]

  • No pos feedback on anything
    I have a soundcloud where i post dubstep and i have 20 something tracks and i pump songs out consistently sometimes even more than one a month and ocasionally i release eps. I have 36 followers and i see guys with 2 songs that have 500-1.5k followers. Is my music really just no that good? What can i do to bump this? I'll just leave my sc link here, open for feedback and a private link for my ipcoming single which is my best work yet i think. https://soundcloud.com/smothermvsic/play-fetch-master-v3/s-b5RDIVH03qP https://soundcloud.com/smothermvsic submitted by /u/SamHatesNeggers [link] [comments]

  • I made a playlist of 132 songs of the best dubstep from this year If you need good music check it out
    submitted by /u/the17fire [link] [comments]

  • AlgorhythmDeep Space
    Hey,this dark,deep dubstep song is taken from my album 'Hours In Space'It's one of the best songs on the album,really hope you guys will enjoy it! Thanks https://soundcloud.com/algorhythm1/deep-space submitted by /u/OneHourInSpace [link] [comments]

  • Best of Brutal Dubstep Mix 1Hour Copyright Free Music collection of 17 Songs
    submitted by /u/NewContinium [link] [comments]

  • Kthulu Prime Summer Dubstep Mix 2014
    So I saw this guy perform live before Adventure Club in New Orleans this past October. Is there anyway I could get some help IDing these songs? Just for some clarification and hopefully for those who listen, my favorite parts start at: 2:57, 5:52, 9:17-15:53(especially the song starting at 12:57), 19:01, and 22:52. Hope ya'll enjoy it. This guy is the best Dub act I've seen outside of Skrillex imho. https://soundcloud.com/kthuluprimeofficial/kthulu-prime-summerdubstep submitted by RockChalk2014 [link] [comment]

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